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It does a fantastic job of bringing that old school colored ninja design from the original Mortal Kombat without looking out of place. Despite showcasing past moments in the original timeline, every moment, including the immediate outcome of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, showcases characters wearing their outfits debuting in the game rather than their older outfits, with the exception of Liu Kang (represented as his zombie form), Raiden (represented as Dark Raiden), Kenshi (as his new DLC design had not been finalized at the time) and Shao Kahn (wearing his Armageddon armor).

She managed to convince Jade to help her fight off Reptile and they saved Sindel, helping the Earth warriors force Shao Kahn to leave Earth. Apart from her twin sister Mileena, Kitana also shared a palette swap with her Edenian bodyguard Jade. Between Vega leaving WWE after standing her ground about being able to run her own Twitch stream, her husband being let go from the company, and the wrestler she used to manage jumping ship to AEW (Andrade), the last thing one would expect would be for her to return to WWE. A few months later, Zelina Vega’s husband Aleister Black was released from the WWE. Zelina Vega has worn video game-inspired wrestling gear during some of her high profile WWE appearances over the years, but outside of the ring, she’s also been known to cosplay as various video game characters as well.

Given the WWE focus – between wrestler cosplay and the voice talents of former WWE Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey, Sean and Rich take the time to fully review the game, and discuss the wrestling tendrils that snake around the game, as well as what can be helpful for wrestling in general – and WWE in particular, as well as the future storyline wise. Alternatively, you can access the Cheats Menu in place of beating the game. Do a 12 hit combo 1 round 500 koins OW.7 –TRAINING– Note: This is the location of trainers after beating konquest. I hope my FAQ helps you through Konquest mode. Rousey appears at the beginning of the video in a nice little civilian set, and in a few moments he switches to Sonya Blade mode. SonyaBlade while playing as Sonya Blade ! SonyaBlade while playing as Sonya Blade! Rousey even portrayed Blade in MK 11. Now she’s set to put the camouflage back on, but it’s for a cause.

Ronda Rousey, who advanced from UFC wrestling to WWE champion, showed what a Sonya Blade would become. As she returned to Edenia, she crossed paths with Blaze who warned her of Armageddon and told her to find allies to face it. Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since 2011. Having written thousands of game reviews and articles over the course of his career, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many games as possible.