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Mortal Kombat Ermac Cosplay/Rain Costume/Scorpion Ninja Outfit/Reptile - Auscosplay Obviously many people have found “difficulties” in overcoming these levels, so I strongly recommend that you press Y or TRIANGLE on the chosen mission and press Jump (you’ll use dragon money, but it’s worth it) and you’ll be at the next mission without too much difficulty. Have fun unlocking all of these costumes in Mortal Kombat X! The actor will be returning home after spending time abroad producing and acting in film Mortal Kombat.

From then on he will be available as a playabale character on the ‘Character’ Selection screen. 2 rounds 300 koins B3: Kenshi Kenshi’s blade will spill your blood. You cannot block. Defeat Kabal 3 times 500 koins D6: Li Mei Li Mei must be taught a lesson! ERO.2 –KOIN CHESTS– A5: 250 sapphire koins A7: 250 gold koins B5: 250 ruby koins B7: 300 platinum koins C4: 300 onyx koins C4: 250 jade koins C5: 300 ruby koins C7: 300 sapphire koins C8: 200 jade koins E3: 300 gold koins E4 (inside tower): 300 jade koins F2: 200 sapphire koins F5: 200 ruby koins G4: 250 platinum koins G8: 300 jade koins H3: 250 onyx koins H3 (left side of portal): 250 ruby koins H4: 300 onyx koins H4: 300 platinum koins H5 (behind hut) 400 platinum koins H7: 300 sapphire koins ERO.3 –ADDITIONAL KOINS– D4: Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: 60 sapphire koins D4: Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: 160 onix koins C5: Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: 75 jade koins C5: Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: 160 gold koins C6: Inside hut after getting lock pick tools: 140 onix koins B5: From Motaro (at 10:00am): 1,000 ruby koins From Bo’ Rai Cho after Training with Sub Zero: 500 platinum koins (This is for returning his medallion) B2: From “?” mark: 10 ruby koins From fishermen in beach after getting Bo Rai Cho’s medallion: 400 ruby koins ERO.4 –KRYPT KEYS– Key: RE key Unlocks: Mileena’s alt bio Location/Time: F6 at 10:00 am Key: TR key Unlocks: ?

The back of the house is in the park Reward: 250 ruby koins in a chest, if you enter the house on his left before giving him the key From: Boy with ponytail near dojo (B5) Mission: Wake up lazy boy sleeping in the woods Find him here: Woods in D4 Reward: Ninja Star From: Woman walking (B5) Mission: Find woman’s missing son Find him here: boy sparing at A3 Reward: 400 sapphire koins From: Old woman walking (B6) Mission: Deliver note to the blacksmith Find him here: B4 Reward: Nothing. Their first Hara-Kiri is where Noob launches ninja stars in the air and has them stab into himself. SCORPION: Hanzo Hasashi, otherwise called Scorpion, is a restored ninja in the Mortal Kombat battling game series just as the mascot of the games. In a picture-perfect Mortal Kombat cosplay, Redditor Tniwe recreated Sonya Blade’s iconic look from the original arcade fighting game.

Even the character’s pose is maintained, with Tniwe standing kombat-ready with one fist raised forward and the other ready to strike at her opponent. Tniwe brings back Sonya’s original design down to the last detail, including her hairstyle, shining white sneakers, bizarre armbands and red lipstick. Those who enjoy Mortal Kombat purely for the franchise’s trademark bloody spectacle need not fear that NetherRealm has toned down anything for this latest entry. It also adds to the roster Kitana, Jax, Frost and Blaze, who were previously unplayable and only found in Konquest mode.