mortal kombat x kitana tournament costume

Kitana would also be a part of the group who collectively defeated Goro after he succeeded in unlocking the power of the Tao Te Zhan. Unlocking costumes is one of the simplest, best pleasures of a fighting game – and mortal kombat 11 is swimming in costumes. Alternatively, you can access the Cheats Menu in place of beating the game. Alternatively, you can simply access the Cheats Menu, then select the “HIDE”(?) box at the bottom of the Character Selection Screen. Then press Up, Up, Up, Left to highlight Shinnok’s icon. Levitate Slam: After levitating your foe press Back, Forward, Down, Low Kick. After teleporting press Block to slam your foe.

Fatality 2: (Outside Sweep) Up, Up, Forward, Forward, Block. Fatality 2: (Sweep) Up, Down, Down, Up, High Kick. Fatality 1: (Close) Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Block. Fatality 1: (Close) Forward, Back, Down, Down, High Kick. Fatality 1: (Close) Forward, Back, Forward, Forward, Low Kick. Flying Knee: Down, Forward, High Kick. High Fireball: Down, Forward, High Punch. Fireball: Forward, Back, High Punch. Crossbow: Down, Back, High Punch. Prison Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, High Kick. Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Back, High Punch. Two Hand Swipe: Forward, Forward, High Punch. Shadow Kick: Back, Forward, Low Kick.

Circle Teleport: Back, Forward, High Kick. Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Back, Forward, Forward, Low Punch. Dashing Uppercut: Back, Down, Back, High Punch. Dash Punch: Forward, Down, Back, Low Punch. Spiked Club: Down, Forward, High Punch. Whirlwind Spin (Hold Low Punch to continue spinning): Forward, Down, Low Punch. Levitate Opponent: Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch. 1st Slam: Low Punch. Prison Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Back, Low Kick. Ground Stomp: Back, Forward, Down, Down, High Kick. Ground Pound: Forward, Forward, Down, Low Kick. Prison Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, High Kick. Cannonball: Back, Forward, Low Kick. Lunge Kick: Back, Back, High Kick. Jarek: Back, Back, Back, Low Kick. Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Low Kick. Detailing the loss of the mighty Goro, and how Shao Kahn was most angered by that, punishing Shang Tsung and acquisition of the undead ninja Scorpion and an army of the undead for Shao Kahn as well.

When kitana learned that shao kahn was creating evil clones from her. Kitana simply is the the number 1 video game femme fatale. Kitana first appears in the video game Mortal Kombat II which was released in 1993, and was the sequel to the popular and controversial video game Mortal Kombat. Something that sets this skin apart from other “klassic” skins for Mortal Kombat characters in the last couple of games is that it takes the skin a step further, making it feel like it belongs in a 2019 video game without losing the appeal of being the classic skin.