mortal kombat ninja costume

Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Back, Low Kick. Sub-Zero: Down, Back, Low Punch. Fatality 2: (Close) Forward, Down, Down, Up, High Punch. Dash Punch: Back, Forward, Low Punch. Fatality 2: (Close) Back, Forward, Down, Up, High Punch. Scythe: Forward, Forward, High Kick. Weapon Steal: Forward, Back, High Punch. Spear: Back, Back, Low Punch. Falling Fireball: Back, Back, High Punch. Fatality 1: (Close) Down, Back, Forward, Down, Run. Low Fireball: Forward, Forward, Low Punch. High Fireball: Forward, Forward, High Punch.

Dash Kick: Forward, Forward, High Kick. Long Sword: Forward, Forward, High Kick. Fujin: Forward, Forward, Back, High Kick. Battle Axe: Back, Back, High Kick. Fatality 1: (Close) Up, Forward, Up, Back, High Kick. Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Back, High Kick. Prison Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Forward, High Kick. Air Fist: Down, Forward, High Punch. Goro’s Lair Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Forward, High Kick. Prison Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Back, Low Punch. Dragon Sword: Back, Forward, Low Kick. Fatality 1: (Sweep) Forward, Forward, Forward, Down. Fatality 1: (Sweep) Down, Down, Down, Up, Run. Fatality 2: (Outside Sweep) Up, Up, Up, Down, Block. Tanya: Back, Forward, Down, Block.

Reptile: Back, Back, Forward, Block. Rising Fireball: Forward, Forward, Low Punch. Prison Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Down, Block. Air Throw: Block in air when next to airborne opponent. Press Block to slam your opponent. The training mode includes a tutorial to teach players the basics of Mortal Kombat, Practice and Tag Team Practice modes to allow players to practice executing moves and combos with any of the playable fighters, and a new Fatality Trainer mode that teaches players how to perform the series’ trademark finishing moves by displaying the button combinations and highlighting the correct distance away from the opponent to stand in.

Babalities and hidden characters (that can only be fought under rare conditions), a 300-part series of special matches and mini-game challenges (known as the Challenge Tower), an enhanced training mode, stereoscopic 3D support (for the PlayStation 3 version only), and an online lobby mode for up to eight players (in which the other players, as avatars in the Xbox 360 version and avatar-like characters in the other versions, watch the fight unfold and switch off after each match). But soon enough, they’ll be able to teleport anywhere to take on Shang Tsung’s team, whose introductions are so brisk, only loyal gamers will know who’s who — and even then, it can be confusing at times. The tournament takes place on Shang Tsung’s island where Raiden begins to have visions sent from his future self.