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Tanya then grabs the opponent and flips him or her over multiple times while cracking the skull and fracturing the spine around the neck. Bloody Boots has Tanya pinning her opponent to the ground by a blade to both hands and then she uses her boots to crush a hole through both the heart and skull area. Killer Drill has Tanya going from behind the opponent and through their entire chest cavity while grabbing the heart and some intestines along the way. He forces the second Mortal Kombat Tournament as a way to vent. Kitana would go on to appear in more mini-series such as Mortal Kombat Blood & Thunder. With Joker, we have a Harley Quinn costume, but there are even more Mortal Kombat 11 skins coming from the Batman comics.

As a longtime Mortal Kombat fan though, getting Tanya is a no brainer with a fun moveset that is reminiscent of her classic one. One country that fits the in-game’s qualifications for a poor country is India. Each of Tanya’s variations are unique from one another in the new moves, but there is no real standout between them like there was with Jason. Flip Kick is similar to a few other attacks in this game, having an overhead shot from Tanya’s boots to smack the enemy hard. Swing Kick has Tanya darting towards the enemy with good speed from a basic stance. However, the biggest part of this variation is the Staff Stance, where you can then use attacks like Staff Slam, Staff Slide, and Swing Kick as well from it, with the ability to also jump forwards or backwards. After trying out Tanya’s three different variations each for awhile, I have to say that she is a pretty well rounded fighter that can be a lot of fun.

Unlike Jason however, Tanya’s base moveset is the exact same across all three. Just like Jason, Tanya will cost $7.99 by herself, which also comes with the Klassic Pack 1 with three skins. The pack titled DC Elseworlds Skin Pack will be comprised of 4 costumes. Look through our mens mortal kombat halloween costumes to find your perfect match. Darkseid, Catwoman, and Joker have already appeared in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and the Injustice games, so it’s a little surprising that NetherRealm would not choose costumes from other characters, but fans will like them regardless. Well by now you should have beaten Mortal Kombat 9 story mode. You will now be playing as Noob.

At the same time, transitions before and after the combat now look much smoother. In his latest video, True Under Dawg Gaming takes a closer look at this statement and questions exactly how genuine it is. True moves through a few examples of character outfit changes to see if the latter examples really would be more suitable for combat than the former ones. Her tonfa weapon can be thrown across the stage with Tonfa Toss or up close with Tonfa Swipe, though the latter leaves her vulnerable. Tanya’s default middle variation is Kobu Jutsu which gives Tanya a new weapon that can be both used up close or as a projectile. I probably had the most fun toying around with the Dragon Naginata, but the Kobu Jutsu and Pyromancer will likely be the two favorites of this bunch.