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ERV.2–KOIN CHESTS– 2nd area D5: 200 sapphire koins C6: 200 Platinum koins 3rd area C3: 300 onyx koins C4: 250 ruby koins D1: 250 gold koins (behind dojo) 4th area A4: 200 jade koins 5th area B1: 200 sapphire koins ERV.3–ADDITIONAL KOINS– A6: Park, hit Mekko: 400 platinum koins B5: Left side of dojo @ Wednesday, 4:00 am: 600 onyx koins B5: Old woman’s hut: 65 platinum, 150 gold, 50 jade, 60 sapphire and 140 onyx koins (Need hut key) B6: (Inside hut): 400 ruby koins (Need mysterius key) C4: Hit the peeping tom at 2:00 am: 400 onyx koins C5: auction house: 170 gold koins C6: Hitting the merchants next to the butcher will also net you 200 jade koins D4: (inside hut): 140 onyx koins (Need Parent’s hut key) D6: Hut with a “?” mark inside: just 15 platinum koins ERV.4–KRYPT KEYS– Any key you miss while you are here can be found outside too.

NR.2 –KOIN CHESTS– A2 (inside hut): 300 platinum koins A3: 200 ruby koins A3: 300 sapphire koins A6: 300 platinum koins B5: 200 jade koins B6 (inside hut): 300 sapphire koins B8: 250 ruby koins C3: 200 onyx koins C5 (outside walls): 250 gold koins C6: 200 jade koins D5: 250 sapphire koins E5: 250 sapphire koins E8: 250 platinum koins F3: 300 sapphire koins F5: 300 ruby koins G3: 250 jade koins G6: 250 ruby koins G8: 250 ruby koins H5: 300 jade koins H7: 200 platinum koins NR.3 –ADDITIONAL KOINS– C7: Talk to guards after training with Ashrah: 15 gold koins E8 (inside cave at 10:00 pm): 1,000 onyx koins from Meat From female zombie walking in front of town: 250 ruby koins From another female zombie walking near town: 240 ruby koins From male zombie (B4) 240 gold koins NR.4 –KRYPT KEYS– Key: GM key Unlocks: ?

While some people try to link this event with a way or a hint to find a Super Hidden Character,I just think it’s a quick way to get to Wednesday and pick the 600 onyx koins at B5. Shao Kahn however would find her anything but perfect though, telling Kitana he could only love her. Womens kitana mortal kombat costume. Smoke – Included with the downloadable character Kenshi, and bundled in the free Mortal Kombat Compatibility Pack 2 DLC. As usual his fatalities and X-Rays are really brutal and figuring out the ending to his Fatalities is easy to any fan of a Mortal Kombat game. Mortal kombat outfits for sale. Mortal Kombat: Unchained is © Midway Amusement Games and Midway Chicago. You may know me from my Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, and the Mortal Kombat: Unchained Fatality list. Throughout your journey you meet fellow members of the Mortal Kombat universe and train, kombat, or help them to earn MK Kurrency.

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