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Key: GA key Unlocks: Baraka’s alt bio Location/Time: A3 (tight of house) at Monday, 13:00 am Key: FN key Unlocks: Hua Chuan Video Location/Time: E2 Key: MR key Unlocks: Dark Prison Music Location/Time: C3 (inside beach house) Key: AS key Unlocks: Sub Zero’s alt bio Location/Time: C3 (near dojo) Key: RT key Unlocks: Scorpion’s alt bio Location/Time: D4 (back of hut) Key: SH key Unlocks: ? Location/Time: C6, 3:00 pm (It’s behind the building, where Shinnoks hangs out) Key: TL key Unlocks: Goldern Desert Music Location/Time: D8 (inner wall corner) Key: QP key Unlocks: Ermac’s alt costume Location/Time: A8 (outside wall) Key: AB key Unlocks: Havik’s Bio Card Location/Time: E2, 8:00 pm Key: SJ key Unlocks: ?

Location/Time: D1, 9:00 pm Key: OB key Unlocks: ? This are the key locations Blue key (Park key) A6 (You can keep this key instead of returning it) Old Woman’s hut key: Hit the old woman at the gates in the begining (Opens hut at B5) Parents hut key: Get it as a rewar for hitting bully (Opens hut ay D4) Mysterious key: Get from as reward from Hide and seek boy (Opens hut at B6 If you notice, this keys are the same color as four of the six types of koins. Check section 5C for their location 1st area Key: ND key Unlocks: ? Tournament Kano: Bought in the Krypt (2300 Koins), in the Walkway of Souls area (-15, 19), OR by beating Klassic Tower as him. ERV.2–KOIN CHESTS– 2nd area D5: 200 sapphire koins C6: 200 Platinum koins 3rd area C3: 300 onyx koins C4: 250 ruby koins D1: 250 gold koins (behind dojo) 4th area A4: 200 jade koins 5th area B1: 200 sapphire koins ERV.3–ADDITIONAL KOINS– A6: Park, hit Mekko: 400 platinum koins B5: Left side of dojo @ Wednesday, 4:00 am: 600 onyx koins B5: Old woman’s hut: 65 platinum, 150 gold, 50 jade, 60 sapphire and 140 onyx koins (Need hut key) B6: (Inside hut): 400 ruby koins (Need mysterius key) C4: Hit the peeping tom at 2:00 am: 400 onyx koins C5: auction house: 170 gold koins C6: Hitting the merchants next to the butcher will also net you 200 jade koins D4: (inside hut): 140 onyx koins (Need Parent’s hut key) D6: Hut with a “?” mark inside: just 15 platinum koins ERV.4–KRYPT KEYS– Any key you miss while you are here can be found outside too.

Possibly only a hint for a mission outside the village From: One sleeved boy (D5) Mission: Teach Makko a lesson Find him here: In the park (A6) Reward 1: 400 platinum koins from Mekko (after punching him) Reward 2: Parent’s hut key from one sleeved boy From: Man in front of hut (D5) Mission: Reclaim the pawned wedding ring Find it here: Hit the man in front of the vases (C6) Reward: 400 platinum koins From: Woman tending clothes (A3) Mission: Locate lost bracelet Find it here: Inside a barrel in D5 Reward: 400 ruby koins From: Old bald man in front of house (C2) Mission: Find a vase for the strange man Find it here: Inside a hut in C1 Reward: 400 jade koins From: brothers in a hut (A4, but it’s easier to look in B4) Mission: Find proof that Oni exists Find it here: C5-C6, hit the Oni walking around at 12:00 am Reward: 500 gold koins From: Old lady in hut (D5, but it’s easier to look in D4) Mission: Find a lost dog Find it here: Man in hut (C3, but it’s easier to look in C4) Reward: 400 ruby koins From: Man in hut (D4) Mission: Locate flour for the baker Find it here: Hut in B3 Reward: 400 sapphire koins From: Old woman in hut (D4) Mission: Fill the bucket with water Find it here: Reward: 400 jade koins From: Guard standing, during evening (B3) Mission: Locate five Lin Kuei before dawn Find them here: A2 (woods) A4 (behind row of houses) C4 (between house back and woods D4 (woods) B6 (behind trees at the gates) Reward: 600 jade koins From: Man in white (D2) Mission: beat him to the end of the street How to win: Use the run button (R2) Yo need to run to the bridge and grab the onyx koins that appear before him reward: 60 onyx koins –EARTHREALM OUTSIDE VILLAGE– ERO.1 –NOTES– You can go anywhere here except the Shoalin Temple.

Director Simon McQuoid (an Australian ad director making his feature debut) has a slight paradox on his hands here: On one fist, he wants to honor the fans by bringing this film back around to what they most love about the game, while on the other, there’s a certain pressure to update the costumes and appearances of characters who’ve evolved plenty in the three decades since the arcade version debuted. TABLE OF CONTENTS– 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Contact 4. Story 5. Walkthrough –Earthrealm Village– ERV.1 — Notes ERV.2 — Koin Chests ERV.3 –Addtional Koins ERV.4 — Krypt Keys ERV.5 — Missions –Earthrealm Outside Village– ERO.1 — Notes ERO.2 — Koin Chests ERO.3 –Additional Koins ERO.4 — Krypt Keys ERO.5 — Missions ERO.6 — Kombat ERO.7 — Training –Netherrealm– NR.1 –Notes NR.2 –Koin Chests NR.3 –Additional Koins NR.4 –Krypt Keys NR.5 –Missions NR.6 –Kombat NR.7 –Training –Chaosrealm– CR.1 –Notes CR.2 –Koin Chests CR.3 –Additional Koins CR.4 –Krypt Keys CR.5 –Missions CR.6 –Kombat CR.7 –Training –Outworld– OW.1 –Notes OW.2 –Koin Chests OW.3 –Additional Koins OW.4 –Krypt Keys OW.5 –Missions OW.6 –Kombat OW.7 –Training –Orderrealm– OR.1 –Notes OR.2 –Koin Chests OR.3 –Additional Koins OR.4 –Krypt Keys OR.5 –Missions OR.6 –Kombat OR.7 –Training –Edenia– E.1 –Notes E.2 –Koin Chests E.3 –Additional Koins E.4 –Krypt Keys E.5 –Missions E.6 –Kombat E.7 –Training 8. Congratulations 9. Thank You –INTRODUCTION– This is my fourth FAQ I have ever written.