kitana cosplay mortal kombat

These can include consumables such as Nitara’s Gemstone, Krystal of Life etc. but also character gear and more importantly skins! While Sub-Zero is historically a darker blue, the light blue coloring makes far more sense for an ice ninja. Enhanced Special Moves (uses one bar) – An enhanced version of a special move that can inflict more damage, add additional attacks, or changes the properties of the move (such as adding armor properties), which is executed by combining the activation of the special move with the Block button. The only way to dodge his attack is to move to the side.

The best way to earn high level skins is to focus on the Boss fight tower. Character towers are arguably the best way to focus on skins for your favourite characters. I wouldn’t focus on Klassic Towers for too long if you’re after skins. These are a real test of endurance, requiring players to perform x 50 fatalities on each of the games characters in Tower mode (Klassic Towers is fine). As you browse through the available skins in the customisation menu, you’ll notice that many skins are Krypt exclusives so there’s no avoiding this mode if you want to collect skins for your favourite characters.

As mentioned above, these towers are purposefully designed to allow players to target rewards for a particular character they want to progress. For example, you might be hunting for new Skarlet gear, augments, medallions and skins – so it would make sense to play her tower for the best chance of earning her specific rewards. The big difference between Klassic and the Towers of Time modes is that Klassic allows you to select the difficulty and even let the CPU play for you. Towers of Time is a Tower based mode where players can attempt to beat a tower (series) of opponents with a defined difficulty rating and sometimes modifiers. The MK11 Krypt is a massive RnG pothole which you can sink hours into. Whilst the vast majority of chests (the Koin chests) contain random rewards, there are some exceptions for guaranteed skins in the Krypt. Players can also receive fantastic rewards, including Elder gear and skins, by completing the severed head challenges.

Including hooded top, molded belt with apron, molded gauntlets and mask, you are all set to take over any costume contest this year. The health carry over tower where your health carries on to the next fight in the sequence. Other special matches require players to fight with no arms, fight with no heads, or even fight with the world upside down. Mortal Kombat includes many online features, from standard ranked and player matches to special lobbies (known as King of the Hill). In Tag-Team matches where players have multiple teammates, they have access to a Tag button, which is used to swap teammates and perform special team attacks.