Mortal Kombat 9 – Sub-Zero and Smoke Tag Ladder on Expert Difficulty

Sub-Zero and Smoke tag ladder on Expert Difficulty with no matches lost.
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Mortal Kombat 9 – Cyber Sub-Zero and Cyrax Tag Ladder on Expert Difficulty

Cyber Sub-Zero and Cyrax Tag Ladder on Expert Difficulty.

0:00 – Kitana/Styker
3:26 – Jade/Cyber Sub-Zero
6:35 – Johnny Cage/Noob Saibot
10:28 – Kung Lao/Kabal
14:20 – Sheeva/Jax
18:07 – Nightwolf/Baraka
21:31 – Scorpion/Kano
25:58 – Shang Tsung
29:04 – Kintaro
30:50 – Shao Kahn

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